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Dark Heresy
For my group I'd probably go.

Lockpicks(X5)/common/5 Thr/+10 Lockpicking skill/Failure by 3 or more degrees means that the pick has broke in the lock and must be cleared before another attempt to be made. Needless to say, reduce number of picks by one only when a failure of 3 or mere degrees occurs.
For the Angelic Horde!
I'll have a look when more awake, ulitimately though i think the multikey is the lock pick device, though to be fair i dont think a lock pick would have been suitable for the task you were doing more a thin shiv or something to slide through and lift the bar. Just buy a "security kit" next time you get near shops and let the Gm sort out a cost lol
No you are right I dont need any more models......but it's so shiney

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