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The Soviets - Late War Army
My fledgling Soviet army:

So far it consists of an Udarny strelkovy batalon and 5 T-34 tanks. All prepped, based and sprayed as of today. Painting to commence shortly!

Also on order are a HMG platoon, with some 122mm howitzers planned for next months purchase - that'll be a 1000pts from the Infantry Rifle Battalion list from the FoW Forces book.

Will probably add some heavy mortars, a scout platoon and some ISU-100 assault guns later on, but have to see how the game plays first!
For a bit of historical research, I'm reading 'Stalin's Revenge', a book about operation Bagration - Stalin's onslaught on the central Eastern Front in summer 1944, and 'All Hell Let Loose', a recent book giving an overview of the entire war.
40K - Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Necrons; Lord of the Rings - lots; Bloodbowl - Dwarves, Wood Elves; SAGA - Anglo Danes & Welsh; Guildball - Morticians, Engineers; Dropzone/fleet - Shaltari

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