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Tuesday 19th March 2019
As usual, Windmill Community Centre from 6.45pm till 11.00pm.

Please post in this thread to arrange games and offer tutorials, and we'll summarise here. As ever this is all just provisional and subject to further arrangements being made on the night, but helps give us a an idea of how many tables of a given size are required whilst minimising the chances of someone being left without a game! Games can be arranged in a variety of ways, including via our Discord channels - drop us a line for more info.

If you need to cancel a game at the last minute then please try to get in touch with your opponent to let them know.

Provisional Games:

Napoleonic skirmish - Steve, Stuart, George, Chris R, Luke, Paul

Blood Bowl league
  • Simon vs Seb
  • JJ v Andy N
  • Dave v Charlotte
  • Matt P v Matt S
Blood Bowl friendly - Russel v FranticDan

LotR - Oz vs Tony

W40K - Peter vs Nick JS

W40K campaign - Ryan vs Vince

Games Sought:
Figures painted in 2016: 4 Blush
"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."
Confusion reigns in the Dark Imperium as Watch Captain Artemis leads a Death Watch force in response to reports of Xenos activity only to find Ultramarines on manoeuvres.

Mistaking the Death Watch armour for that of heretic astartes, the Ultramarines attack but sustain heavy casualties from specialist ammunition and Vindicare support until Marneus Calgar stuns the battlefield by ripping apart a Corvus Blackstar.

The battle ended when the Death Watch were ordered to retreat early at the end of turn 4 with the Death Watch scoring 3 objectives to the Ultramarines 1.

Roboute Guilliman has asked for an explanation of events but The Inquisition claims to have no record that the battle took place.

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