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Warhammer 40k Casual League
Hi All, 

I’m thinking of setting up a casual league for warhammer 40k and I will get an engraved mini trophy for the winner at the end. 
Here are my ideas so far: 
1 point for participation, 2 points for drawing and 4 points for victory 
When telling me the results tell me whether it was a minor or major victory as this can be used as a tiebreaker - this would be at you and your opponents discretion. 
Army lists can either be locked or fluid based on what people want and will be set before we begin. 
Games can be set up by yourselves and you can feedback the results to me. 
Army lists could be 1000-1500 depending on your suggestions / voting. 
I’d prefer armies that were balanced and not hardcore scumbag-y but again this it at your own discretion haha.
I’m not too bothered about having WISYWIG as long as you can tell what model has what and this is established between opponents at the start.
Models don’t have to be painted corecfly or at all as long as you state what they are at the start of the game. 
Once I have enough interest (if there will be enough interest haha) I will set up a fixture list and I’ll set a time limit for this fixtures to be done so don’t worry there will be leeway so that you don’t have to play a game each week. 
If you play games outside of club this can count towards the league as well! 

Just a bit of fun at the end of the day and then we can all experience different armies and opponents! 
Any suggestions are welcome! 
Let me know what you think and if you want to join in! 

Thank you for reading I know it’s a large post.

WarbossLima - Liam

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