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The Conquest of Sladus 4 (campaign thread)
Sladus 4. An imperial world at the edge of the segmentum
On the surface, as Pius as any other. Always paying their tithes on time, the Eclesiarchy maintaining the spiritual well-being of its citizens.
But like so many others. Under the surface dwells sedition and heresy. From the downtrodden looking for escape to the nobility looking to sate their vices.

But a new shadow looms from without. Just why so many factions seek this world is known only to themselves. And perhaps the God Emperor.

What is known. Is the fate of Sladus 4 hangs on but a knife edge.
Will it descend into darkness?
Or will it be reborn into light?

For the Angelic Horde!
Current State of Sladus 4 

For the Angelic Horde!

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