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Hyperspace Report
Guys I am trying to eat dinner, whilst getting ready for tonight, and also watch and report on the HYPERSPACE REPORT.

Details to follow.

X-Wing 2nd Edition.

Available at GenCon in August, and retail September.

All new Ship Cards, and Upgrade cards. Conversion kits for Imperials, Rebels and Scum will allow old models to be used in 2.0.

No points on cards. Squadron Builder App, that allows you to create lists. Organised Play can change squadron build rules and points. Also allows FFG to errata point costs on the fly.

Force powers for those applicable pilots.

New base size (between standard and large) medium  coming out. Repackaged Slave 1, will be a medium ship.

The two upcoming expansions will feature both v1 and v2 cards.

More differences between factions. Example given, Imps receive buffs when their ships fly in a swarm, rather than going solo.

Waves of expansions will come with 3 types of Organised Play. New player, wave centric and a king of hardcore event.
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