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Welcome to the War in the Stars
OK so it seems its been a good while since I posted painting progress. Last bunch of stuff that I painted was my Scourge for both Hawk games, then either High Elves for WF8 or my Saxons for SAGA before that. Having for over 18 months been playing Destiny fairly regularly that curbed my interest in painting. Well enter Star Wars Legion and enter a revamped interest in painting. 

Well I have had a week off, and apart from managing to get the base coats on 21 of the Rebel Troopers, during the NFL 1st Round Draft, I finished one of the unit Leaders.

[Image: reb1.jpg]
[Image: reb2.jpg]
[Image: reb3.jpg]

Basing to be done at some stage, most likely when I have more than 1 miniature to do.
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen

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