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Star Wars Legion League
Guys and Gals,

Starting June I am considering running a monthly league for Star Wars Legion. Basic premise will be listed below. Please feel free to read, and post any comments, questions and interest.

League Length - Looking for no more than 5-6 games
Commitment Level - Aiming for a single game per month
Structure - Rather than aim for an overall single winner, I am hoping for an equal number of Rebel and Villain players. Then we can look to seeing which faction wins overall control of the galaxy. Of course I expect this to be rather awkward, as I predict a 4-1 Imperial to Rebel interest level. As such the Structure may well change, to random draw teams, rather than stick within factions.
Set-up - I am considering doing a random mission set-up either on the night, or in advance, which we all play. As such each player is playing the same game on the same week, rather than have X games all playing differing missions.
Why June? - Several reasons. Firstly it should give a few of us, time to get used to the system, allowing for games to be played through at a far more efficient pace. Also hopefully we will have seen Wave 1 releases, so it will not just be Vader on Luke, we might see Leia, Veers and the additional Troops units be released before the start. Finally it allows us more time to paint models and assemble terrain. Although unpainted miniatures will not be banned from the event (otherwise I doubt I would be able to play.)

Finally yes things can change is participants do not like the above Structure. Nothing is set in stone, this is just an initial idea. 

Oh and I intend to play with Rebels.
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen
Happy to get involved. Will play rebels or imperials, dont mind which as will be collecting both Smile
Malifaux - All (Mainly Guild, Outcasts)
40k - Death Guard (2k)
Necromunda - Goliaths (Van Saar)
Bloodbowl - Skaven
Star Wars Legion - Imperials (have reb)
The Walking Dead: All Out War, Star Wars: Living Card Game
I’ve not forgotten this. Got a little pre-occupied with Destiny, going from European, to store Championships, then Nationals. I bought the Corellion Campaign for Armada and I’m thinking of trying to alter that to my needs, but expect something later in the year.
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen

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