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Alpha Class

Hoping to come to my first group on Tuesday, fingers crossed get some xwing in.

Thought i would give you my 2 penny's worth on the new Alpha Class.

Had a few rounds of Scum vs Imp vs Rebels (1 vs 1 vs 1 80 point lists). So I used the games test test fly 2 new Alpha Class fighters.

They are very fun to fly. (Slam all the way)

Missile Boat:
Major Vynder: Agility +1 when weapons disabled
Advanced Slam
Predator (Pred is my go to EPT)
Os-1 Arsenal Load Out (Can fire missiles and torps when weapons disabled)
Cluster Missiles (Range 1 -2)
Concussion Missiles (Range 2 - 3)

Gun Boat:
Lieutenant Karsabi: Take a stress to remove weapon disabled
Advanced Slam
XG-1 Assault Config
Predator (Love rerolls)
Link Battery (Love rerolls)
Heavy Laser Cannon

First the gun boat.
4 Red dice at range 3 is brilliant. With rerolls from Predator and Link Battery allowed me to get the hits in whilst saving the focus for Defence.
Slam was needed to turn around though. The Alpha has NO form of K turn.
But Karsabi PA did let me take stress to removed the weapon disabled token from Advanced Slamming.

7 HP in total but only 2 green dice. Rerolls on attack let me save the focus for the def so he didn't feel to squishy. Bit i had to manage stress when needing to arc dodge or turn around.

Missile Boat on Vynder.
I Slammed every turn. Really utilised the Agility +1 when weapons disabled and Os-1 Arsenal Load Out letting me fire missiles and torps when weapons disabled.
Skill level 7 meant (at least in the games i played) slam let me arc dodge a bit. I could see dropping Predator for VI may be good when vs rebel aces lists.
Range 1 was alway cluster missiles, 2 attacks with 3 dice and Predator give me a reroll. Range 2 - 3 Concussion Missiles, 4 dice, change a blank to a Hit and a reroll from Predator.
Problems was def, 3 green is good but NO focus meant it was just luck.
Most turns were Move, slam, Target lock, or Move, slam, reload ready to try to turn around next turn. 2 Points of "Extra Munitions" may be worth it to delay the "RUN AWAY AND RELOAD" round.

Very fun to fly.
They feel like mini Lambda Shuttles.
Personal I preferred the Gun Boat for the dice luck mitigation.
I can not see any one flying with out Advanced slam which is sad because the missile boat is screaming for "Guidance Clips"

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