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Hey folks,

We have had a lot of fun with BA in the past.

Looking at 'Operation Sealion' (a Paul variant thereof). 1 game a month for 4 months.

If you have never played and fancy giving it a try this is the time to come and join in, you don't need any figures, just join in with someone else who has. (I have Germans, Brits & Yanks to start with...)

Week 1 = 4 separate tables representing 4 landing points (prob by sea and by glider) on south coast. So 4 German players/sides* v 4 Allies players/sides.

*sides = your side of the table, so if you want to have two or more folk standing playing as a team on one side of the table that's all good fun.

German Objective - Gain foothold for main force to invade.
Allies - Repulse Invaders.

Week 2 = Again 4 separate tables. If Axis failed to gain foothold try again, but this time with more 'force'. Or, if they were successful, a few more troops (and support stuff) land/arrive and push forward to create main attack 'base' in local town/village (strategic point).
Meanwhile Brits are rushing more defenders in to repulse, but basically trying to hold the town/village.
[Note this is happening in 4 places along the coast.]

Week 3 = 4 tables again. If AXIS are successful we get some tanks involved. AXIS push forward towards main final objective. Brits gain more defenders (some tanks arrive) air support, etc.

Week 4 = Final showdown. The four tables get joined end-to-end for final battle...
Whatever stage each advance has got to the most advanced AXIS position becomes 'the meeting place'. The Brits have decided they must defend this vital position at all costs. All allies withdraw to defend this critical position. This allows all the Axis to group up also.

Just a bit of fun. One game a month for four months... Are you in?
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
Hi Paul
I'd be interested in this. I don't have any early war troops but I do have late war Germans and some British still on the sprues. It should be easy enough to use them just with a lower proportion of special weapons.
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I have the 101st airborne but been so long since I have played will need a complete refreshed the rules
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I'm interested Paul - it'll motivate me to paint up the Germans. However the ones I've got are Late War.
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The rules are simple enough.
No need to worry, late or early, it's not real!
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
We have 4 players, any more interest...?
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill

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