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Any interest in Warzone:Resurrection?
I have a finished painting my Capitol a few months ago so I would like to use it....

Warzone was quite big in the 90's and was rebooted a couple of years ago by Prodos. Its thematically quite similar to 40k but set exclusively within the solar system and there aren't any aliens, just opposing megacorporations and the 'Dark Symmetry' (aka Chaos). Its sort of like a Dieselpunk WWI game with extra dimensional aliens and their monsters/zombies.

The rules have just been updated and can be found here.
Looks good, 32mm scale though. I'd be interested but I've got too many other games systems I'm trying to play at the moment to start any more haha.

I've got Halo Ground Command sat unopened on the side plus Chris and I brought the rulebook for Gates of Antares back at Salute that is sat waiting for me to read it haha.

Also, the AVP games looks so good (model-wise), have you seen Prodos are selling a 28mm scale Alien dropship from the movie at the moment?!
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Element Games referral code JAS173.
I've never really been interested in AvP Smile

I don't really have any demo forces for Warzone unfortunately and my painting schedule is full until late next year at least.

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