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Club Scenery
Hey folks,

Can you all let me know what scenery you feel we are short of as a club so we can put together a scenery order. So far I've been asked for:
  • 10mm Scale Urban/Building
  • Space scenery
  • 28mm Scale Fantasy/Historical/Sci-Fi buildings
  • 6 x 4 vinyl base map with 1" hexes

Reply with anything else you'd like added.
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28mm Buildings. There are many games, especially the skirmish games, where height comes into play, being on walkways and rooftops, etc. It would be good to get some buildings, for fantasy, historical and sci-fi, that enable this.

I would very much like to try playing some games on a 1" hex map, a 6 x 4 vinyl base map with 1" hexes on would be fantastic (and I'd be happy to make a donation to assist its purchase).
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