Poll: Bromsgrove RPG attendance for black crusade
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Yes, would love to go once a month
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I would love to come but transport is an issue
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I think we should stick to once a month (Would not go)
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CLOSED - Bromsgrove RPG for Black Crusade
Just a quick thread with a poll to see who would come and for people to post of they want to come but need transport.

If you need transport and enough people want to go post here and im sure we can all sort something out between us.

Just to clarify that I mean going an extra day a month to keep black crusade rolling with a bit more fluidity. Maybe more along the lines of once a fortnight not once a month.
I already go. but am already part of an established group. so would probably back out of the campaign
For the Angelic Horde!
Right ignore this as it looks like we will be 2 down. See you all next time then.

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