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Bolt Action Errata and FAQ update

There's clarification on something I'd been wondering:

Quote:I want to collect an army of paratroopers. However there are no specific aratrooper officers, snipers, mmG teams, etc to go with my paratroopers squads.
The same goes for all units of infantry with special rules, like commandos, gurkhas etc.

We assume that the special rules only apply to the ‘proper’ (and normally larger) squads of paratroopers, but not to their HQs and support teams, as they are not big enough for the rule to ‘come into play’, or that their tactical role is different, as represented by their own special rules or specialised weaponry. So, we normally just select officers and support teams of the same quality as the relative infantry squads – in the case of paratroopers for example, choose all of your officers and support teams as Veterans – they are not going to be as hard as the men, but still not bad. Also, when possible equip them with weapons that make them as similar as possible to their ‘main troops’. For example, equip Gurkha HQs with submachine guns, so they become exactly as effective as Tough Fighters in close quarters.
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