Poll: Do we allows Chaos Dwarfs?
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Yes, including as an option for Warriors of Chaos
8 80.00%
Yes, but only as a seperate army.
2 20.00%
0 0%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Chaos Dwarfs
The Warhammer Forge, Tamurkhan book, contains unit entries for Chaos Dwarfs. These are an army in their own rite, or available as options for a Warriors of Chaos arm. They have their own magic lore (Hashut,) and selection of magic items.

Question is do we allow Chaos Dwarfs or not, as a standard army, and is we do, is it as a seperate army or also as a Warros of Chaos additions?

Poll ends 1-12-14

Feel free to discuss below.

Note that many UK tournaments allow Chaos Dwarfs as an option but only as a seperate army.
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I think Warriors of Chaos feel a bit lacking in options, so allowing them to add some chaos dwarfs really will add to them but without turning it into a kitchen sink.
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I wouldn't mind facing them either as allies or as a full force, would be interesting.
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I would love to see the Chaos Dwarfs back on the table!
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It's a game, let folk try whatever they want.
If you want tourney practice and there are some rule stipulation then play to those.
Common sense prevails...
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Paul the reason I've started all this, is because the game is changing at a fast, and also expensive pace.

What I don't want is people to get things thrown at them, during a game that they have no idea even existed, because one person bought a £70 book and the other didn't. By asking these questions, I am trying to set some ground rules for Redditch, that can be broken if players agree, but doesn't mean one person comes to the table expecting one set of rules (aka what's in the BRB,) whilst another has used something in an expensive book, to their advantage. Neither option on any question is the right or wrong one to pick, people are free to choose what they want to be the norm, and then people can expect to be playing the same game, unless they agree to change it in advance.
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As for myself I've have voted for a seperate army. Largely because I don't actually think WoC need a hand, but that's my opinion.

If Paul your comments were aimed at the note in the original post being about tournament armies, I'm trying to give background to the question, not telling people what they should be voting. People might not be interested in Warhammer Forge stuff at all, as its not nessecarily balanced correctly (and if you thought EFB had loops holes and errors, wait till you get to WF books.)
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By 'you' I meant 'one in general' not 'you personally'.

I can see benefit in talking through all this complicated new stuff, and I applaud you personally Gaz for your positive energy and wish to do that.

All I am saying is in my mind common sense is what seems to happen at the club. When fixing a game folk discuss what 'rules' they will play by before the game. Either face to face the week before, or on the boards, or whatever. Common sense prevails.

That might be a set of rules that echo what is going on at an upcoming tourney for which they want to get some specific practice.

It might be a group have been talking in the club and said hey this new stuff looks good lets give it a go.

Personally I am steering clear of this 'expensive, complex, still in development' new stuff for now, and will stick to regular WFB. But if my opponent said hey Paul any objection if I tried a unit of Chaos Dwarves, or a whole CD army, I'd say go for it... I get tabled by WoC anyway!
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
But the point being currently there are multiple versions of WFB kicking about due to end times. I'm not trying to force people to play a certain way, and they are free to speak to their opponent. However I'm trying to come up with a core set of "house" rules, so for example one player struggles to get their Lord allowance to 25% because that's what's in the rule book, and the other brings double Slann because that's what's in the FAQ. If we have defined club rules, everyone has a basis to work from, and then you can tailor from that. (Edit) Why would I agree with my opponent that we play 50% lords as its 'officially' the rules, why would they agree it's 25% when it's what we have been playing and in the rule book. The standard that you deviate from when you discuss, now could be different to different people. I'm trying to get a standard at the club, which if you want one thing different, you know what you need to ask, and what you don't.
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Vote concluded Chaos Dwarfs are playable as a separate army, or addition to Warriors of Chaos.
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