Poll: Do we go to 50% Lords and Heroes or stay at 25%?
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Army character allowances
The Rulebook now has an official errata that states your army can be compiled as follows;

0-50% Lords
0-50% Heroes
25-100% Core
0-50% Special
0-25% Rare

This means that an army can compose of more from its character allowance.

Vote to either accept or reject this as a core rule at the club.

Vote closes 1/12/14

Feel free to discuss below.
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I can't really see that making half your army into super kitted out characters is going to really make for better games, fine to do on agreement but I don't think it should be the unspoken norm.
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Apart from the fact it's 'officially' the rules now so to speak. Yes you can field a huge amount of points in characters, but you still need to field 25% in core. A lot of the more powerful things come from the special and rare sections of the army books, but by taking more character allowance, just steals from other parts of your army.
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I dont have a problem with people going to 50% lords and heros. Gives a bit more flexablity for those that want it and as ranked infantry is king in this edition maxing out Lords and heros is only going to shoot yourself in the foot. I can mostly see this being used to get a level 4 with a fighty lord in smaller games which is fine really.
That being said I've yet to play a game with the 50% allowance.
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Don't mind at the mo, may change my mind later though!
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I have no problem with the new allowances
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Vote concluded that Club accepts 50% character allowances as standard.
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