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Starters on deal of day at wayland
Spotted this today, thought might be of interest to some of you-

2 Player Bolt Action Starter Set (D-Day Firefight & Armoured Fury)

This bundle is ideal for two players who want to start with good sized armies composed of infantry as well as tanks. The German player will end up with 2 tanks, a halfrack and 10 infantry, while the Allied player will have 3 tanks and 20 infantry. More importantly each player will get a mini-rulebook each!

Was £150, now £120
40k- Space marines(5000 pts) Imperial guard (3000 pts) Tau (3000 pts)
Epic 40k-Space marines/Imperial Guard(2000 pts)
Infinity Yu jing (Aprox 1000 pts)
Necromunda Escher Mad capsules Avalanche
Blood bowl Skaven

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