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Worcester Warhammer 2
(09-11-2014, 09:02 PM)Gareth Wrote: However Will did really well with Beastmen. Considering that they normally get a comp boost and give less VPs away, and this event they didn't, it really did prove how well he performed.

Thanks Gareth. I'm mostly happy with my performance a 13-7 victory vs dwarfs, 12-8 loss vs dark elves and 20-0 loss vs orcs and gobbos.
( the 20-0 was mostly down to me not having fought orcs before, not spotting a overrun flank charge on my horde after pushing forward too hard, failing some key LD rolls, and forgetting my bestigors despoilers rule. A few important lessons learnt the hard way. ) My list performed much better than the one I took to the midlands open every game felt like my opponent had to work for all his points rather than take easy ones off me.

Had a lot of fun at this tournament, picking best game was very difficult. Defiantly recommend going to the next Worcester warhammer!
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