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Black Crusade
Right, so it looks like the majority are leaning towards cultists. When I get time I'll post some of the class basics, and the basic idea for the campaign I have in mind so if people want they can think about what sort of character they would like to try playing.
So game on next week - yup?
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I'm assuming so, but I've yet to hear back from Vince. But I don't mind going through character creation again if people miss it, or can't attend.
Right I've posted in the meetings section that I'm planning to do a session next week, on the 9th. Let me know if you can't attend, and we'll sort out another time for you to generate a character and get an intro session in before we start the campaign proper.
Happy to play any cultist type. Would prefer to play a heretek if no objections. Though pirate prince from the slaaneshi book would be cool too. shame its not allowed
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Cultist sounds good for me, interested in reading up on this!

What books/ online sources should I be using?
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as long as I have the option to make a sharpshooter who kills imperial government officials and then take their hats as trophies (because we all know imperial government officials have fancy hats) then I'm good.

though depending on what nick's rough plan is I'll keep my options open for now.
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To clarify: At the moment I'm only allowing the 4 main classes from the core rulebook as starting options (Heretek, Renegade, Psyker and Apostate) HOWEVER you can still use the expansion books for gifts, wargear, talents and psychic powers, just not the starting classes. I've been told they start out much further ahead power and xp wise than ones from the core rulebook. I may allow the classes from the expansions, along with Chaos Space Marines, as replacement characters later on in the game, if you can convince me of your character concept. The reason for this is that later on in the campaign an xp difference is irrelevant, and some of you will most likely need replacement characters because people will die at some point.

The basic idea for my campaign background is that you are all members of a cult on an industrialized imperial world, and are soon tasked with paving the way for a Chaos incursion. I'll go into more detail on Tuesday probably.

As for a basic rundown of the classes, here it is. First is the Heretek. They are either rogue Techpriests, or have been trained by them. They start off with a lot of the tech skills, and some bionics. Next is the Renegade, a combat focused class. He gets a selection of nice combat skills and talents, and can easily be specialized into either melee or ranged combat, or a mix of both. Then there is the Apostate, a social class I guess you could call it. He gets a selection of skills and talents revolving around deception and manipulation, and can pick things like stealth or security to make him a good potential spy-type character. Last is the Psyker, who is basically an unstable atom bomb disguised as a person. Unlike sanctioned Imperial Psykers, or Space Marine Librarians or Chaos Sorcerers, these Psykers are much more powerful in terms of raw psychic power, and also much more unstable. So they can make lots of things go boom, but sometimes it's going to be themselves XD

I'll be going into a more detailed look at the classes when we build characters anyway, but hopefully you guys know enough to be able to think up some character ideas. If you want to know more, feel free to ask.
Sorry Nick, already arranged a game. Sad

I live local to you though, so could always meet up outside the club to do character creation?
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(03-09-2014, 05:04 PM)manrogue Wrote: Sorry Nick, already arranged a game. Sad

I live local to you though, so could always meet up outside the club to do character creation?

That's fine, no problem.

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