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Wills First Tournament Thread
So I'm going to the midlands open this year, and its my first tournament. Not sure what to expect but to have fun meet new people and probably lose a lot!

Any advice, hints, tips? (apart from not to take beastmen)

This is the list I'm thinking of taking (At least until I change my mind) :-

Lords (452pts)

Beastlord (203pts)
Additional hand weapon, Armour of Destiny

Great Bray-Shaman (249pts)
Additional hand weapon, Jagged Dagger, Lore Of Beasts, Wizard Level 4

Heroes (430pts)

Bray-Shaman (112pts)
Additional hand weapon, Lore Of Beasts, Wizard Level 2

Bray-Shaman (112pts)
Additional hand weapon, Lore Of Shadow, Wizard Level 2

Wargor (206pts)
Battle Standard Bearer, Gnarled Hide, Heavy armour, Shield, The Beast Banner

Core (810pts)
50x Gor (425pts) ((Full Command))
25x Gor W/shields(225pts) ((Full command))
Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)
Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)

Special (455pts)
25x Bestigor (330pts), Full command
5x Centigors (125pts)

Rare (550pts)
Ghorgon (275pts)

Jabberslythe (275pts)

As beastmen I get an extra 300 points for some reason, So have a mighty 2700pts to spend! The only things I'm not sure about in this list is the extra level 2 and the lack of protection on my level 4. Thoughts anyone?
You get 300 points extra because Beastmen are not very good. Same as Tomb Kings and Wood Elves.
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drop a level 2 shamen (cause hes redundant and thats too many points spent on magic of the same lore) and the centigors (cause 5 is nothing) and make the 25 gors into 50 (like the other unit)
but other than that i think ur gonna have a hard time
i suggest we have a game where i take a list im thinking of taking to the midlands open to show u just the kind of min maxing u well expect (ie expect woc lists of 2 chiermeas 1 deamon prince 1 mage with a 1+ sv and 3+ward 3 chariots 4-6 juggernaughts etc)
will need a look into beastmen book to see what they got on offer)
by the way ur lord mage needs a 4+ ward save he will be targetted by spells from lore of shadow ALOT
That's Alan's PoV, but I would take three Shaman all on Beasts. Dropping the two baby Shaman to a level ones and just defaulting to Wildform. Block of Ungor at the back and keep the Shaman in that, away from the enemy and chucking out buffs. However your going to bleed points with 550 spent on the Wargor and Jabber.
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interesting points!

I'm got so many points in beast magic because I want access to wildform (X2) , pans pelt, savage beast, and amber spear. I'm expecting them all to come in useful especially if I face a daemon prince, 2 chimaera and chariots list.
Thinking about it the level 2 shadow is there only for miasma dropping him down too level 1 and a bit of jiggery-pokery gives me enough for the 4++ on my level 4.

The centigor are my warmachine hunters, with 550 pts in monsters I might find myself in trouble if I don't have anything that can take on cannons. Plus they make a good support unit for my main blocks and can lone character hunt.

Wildform spam is tempting but at 9+ to cast I'm not sure how often I'm gonna be able to cast it two times let alone three.
Have you looked at Harpies?
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the problem i think is this
with monsters u will face lists that either have 2-4 warmachines for them or lists that have their own answears to them thus monsters to be usable need movability really fly or be really durable to take damage this means they can get struck into combat as soon as possible and fly lets them get into favoable combat
neither ur monsters do this with one being ws2 (really bad) a stone thrower should cost no more than 120pts monterous or not

at 5 models ur centigaurs are gonna have a tough time but thats just my pov

the reaon we are saying beastmen are weak atm is cause their not suited to this edition of tough units monsterous cav etc

the most improtant thing i learnt was dont think of units one on one in vacum conditions a canney opernant will charge with mutiple units and the right units match up well

my reasoning on the magic phase was just that in the last tounry i inversted 700pts in magic 2 level 4 mages (and a banner that meant i was adding a static 8+ to casting attemps 4for their level 4 for the item) in some games i was rolling low on winds of magic in others i found that my opernants magic items made it hader than i thought it was gonna be to cast spells but the biggest thing was i was relying on buffs (light and life) my opernant would just wait and charge units without the buffs etc
I have considered Harpies but the problem I have with them is I don't like the current GW models and can't really find an alterative model I like. I suppose I could kit bash some deamonetes and Tyranid Gargoyles, I've seen a conversion online somewhere that looks good. Plus there only T3!

The stone throwing monster your thinking of Alan is the Cygor and I'm not gonna take him. I've just been using it in friendly games to see if I can get it to work and the answer is no, he can deny points by staying out of trouble and throwing rocks but means the rest of the army is fighting 275pts down. I would have to design the army list around points denial to get him to work and that's just not how I play.
The Ghorgon is a pretty good monster if you can get him into combat S6 T6 A6 with L10 stubborn can hold even a tooled up daemon prince in combat for a good long time. He also works very well with my play style. The Jabberslythe isn't as good but it flys and as a bonus has its aura of madness rule.

The main reason I like the monsters and the centigor is it allows me to redeploy my line (jabberslythe flys and ghorgon and centigor are M7) on there own not much of a threat and easily countered, but all together with a unit that looked out of position at deployment can seriously screw an opponents battle plan. (Well its worked once :-p )

I can see what your saying Alan about not looking at units in a vacuum and not relying on magic, its a good point and I'm going to try and keep it in mind. I have an advantage over your elves in that my mages can fight so the 500pts I have in magic are also in semi-fighty characters, but its still a good point.

I'm sure I'll change my mind about everything before it gets to the list submission date and end up changing the list entirely :-D
at the end of the disscusion theres no right way to play per say i mean look at me and gareth both high elf players but differents ideas on listbuilding for me i take either 1mage 1banner or 2 mages no more than 500pts gareth on other hand will have more characters spend more on them and tool up the melee ones
the example i give is one that could applie to all armys theres no correct answear my approach is more bodies on the ground whereas gareth wants to be consistent and have killy characters in his units making the unit tougher

main thing is to use the extra points given to u and the fact ur army wont be comped very hard so take things u couldnt do in other lists (ie large infantry hordes) right now i see a standard ''meat, two veg'' list couple of units some monsters no real min maxing either combos or taking lots of powerfull thnigs
but thats enough for me i said my pov hope it helps looking forward to ur testing our armies out
You might be ok with a Jabber and Gorgon. It's quite difficult for most armies to get two or more cannons / stone throwers looking at the comp. Dwarfs at the moment would be a threat (and could be popular if they don't get comp hit, with them being brand new on top,) and O&G can go Warmachine heavy. But with two big gribblies running at your opponent, and the Gorgon being Ld10 and mostly Death immune, it could be a wise move.

I would look at getting some Harpies to block charges (I'll show you how it works some time,) but personally I would consider dropping the Beast Banner. I would just kill your BSB, take the banner, his points, plus the bonus 100. Grab the Crown of Command on something in your Bestigor block (any character,) and I would whack the Standard of Discipline on the unit Standard. That bumps you to Ld10, Stubborn.
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