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Looking for Roleplayers (or groups)
Hi guys,

I've recently moved into redditch and trying to find some fellow roleplayers, or anyone interested in setting up a regular group.

I have been playing games off and for 20 years now, and have played many different systems. To me the fun is in the character you play, rather than how many dice you roll or the stats/bonuses you have. Which I guess makes me a "Roleplayer" rather than a "Rollplayer".

I'd be up for pretty much any system or setting and can host or drive anywhere (within reason)

Drop me a reply if you know of anything around the area, or would be interested in setting one up.

Cheers !
Hi Alan, a few of the guys were doing a Role playing session every other week at the club, although not recently.

It might be worth popping the club on a Tuesday evening and contacting some of the guys, as the interest might be there still.
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Hi alan I was part of the group that used to role play at the club due to long term health issues we lost the majority of our group for some time so stopped but if we can get a group together theres always a possiblity of restarting it
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I wouldn't say no to picking something up again, I was right enjoying Dark Heresy. I'm up for trying anything.

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