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ACW Report - The Battle for Arrow Hill
A small force of confederates formed up behind Arrow hill viewing the larger Union forces facing their front with some disdain.

The Union forces looked on, some nervous at the fact they were facing their brothers in arms but knowing that they must carry the day in order to secure Arrow hill and cut off Confederate supplies travelling up from the south.

With the sound of the band echoing across the valley, the Union corps commander gave the order to advance and the union troops began to slowly move forward.

On the union left flank, the inexperienced cavalry became nervous of the advance, and some of the horses refused to move. For now their officer decided to remain stationary and observe the events unfolding before him.

The centre and right flank of the union forces advanced steadily, with the sharpshooters on the extreme right making good progress.

Suddenly a confederate bugler sounded the advance and the battle proper had begun.

Confederate cavalry on the left flank raced towards coopers hill and once cresting, charged full pelt into the union sharpshooters. Receiving a full volley of accurate fire from the union troops, the cavalry charge went home despite suffering serious casualties.

Meanwhile in the center, confederate artillery positioned itself on Arrow hill providing a good field of fire over the union lines.

The confederate infantry on the right flank steadily advanced towards the enemy but were still out of range from their guns.

As the two sides began to close, the union divisional commanders ordered the center and right flanks to charge the confederate enemy. The sharpshooters on the right flank countercharged the confederate cavalry. Resulting in a stalemate.

As the union infantry charges went in, the confederate fire was innefectual, causing the union lines to become disordered but not halting the charges. The confederate center left took heavy losses and began to waver but in the center proper the union infantry were repulsed.

On the union left flank the two sides had become close enough to exchange some rifle fire, before a charge was launched by the confederate infantry

The mass of grey impacted on the raw union troops causing fear and panic amongst the young recruits. The union brigade suffered heavy losses and fled the field in disorder. In the resulting euphoria the confederate infantry carried on with the charge hitting the next brigade of union troops, but any further advance was checked as they were spent. Meanwhile the union cavalry had rallied and was beginning to harry the confederate rearguard.

In the centre, union rifle and cannon fire had decimated one of the three remaining confederate brigades, routing it from the field. At this point the confederate corps commander made a grave mistake and didn't press home a central charge on the union lines, leaving both brigades at the mercy of the superior union volley fire.

Once the union troops had stopped firing and the smoke began to clear, they saw a mass of grey bodies laid out before them.The final confederate units decided to call it a day and fled from the field being pursued by the union cavalry.

1 - 0 to the Union.

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