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I am thinking this:

Wood elves (fancy trying something new so exact opposite of the dwarves - high agility, low armour, throwing game):
Catcher 90000
Catcher 90000
Thrower 90000
Wardancer 120000
8 x line women 560000
Re-roll 50000
Total 1000000

Only 1 reroll but I really need the spare player with just AV7 across the whole team (until I can afford a treeman that is!).
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Do we have to submit a team or just turn up for the first fixture and surprise your opponent? :p

Rob, just arrange a game, with your roster sorted and play. You might want to either get the spreadsheet for roster tracking or print a few out, and amend as and when players get improvements / injuries.
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Yeah noticed both Chris and Rob had one last week.

Does anyone have a template?

I can bring a spare roster sheet in
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If you send me an email address I can email you a digital copy of the team sheet if you want
No you are right I dont need any more models......but it's so shiney

40K & WFB - Chaos daemons, BFG - Imperial, Warmachine - Cygnar,Retribution and Skorne. Blood Bowl - Chaos,dwarves,humans.

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