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Hey all
My name is justin, i've been gaming for quite a while, having caught the wargaming bug after picking up a white dwarf back in my school days and getting hooked on the chaos minis i saw.
I've played warhammer fantasy for a good few years regularly attending GW Grand tournaments and doubles tournaments with my Hordes of chaos army, though i haven't played it sinced the newest rules.
I also have a large Chaos space marine army (Worldeaters) and a tyranid army, though they are more of a collection as i haven't played 40K for nearly a decade Sad

My biggest love at the moment is Privateer press' games Warmachine and Hordes, which me and my close friends all love with a passion.

Looking forward to playing against you guys and meeting others who love these games as much as i do Smile
WARHAMMER/AGE OF SIGMAR:  khorne warriors of chaos
WARMACHINE: Khador, mercenaries 
BOLT ACTION 51st highlander division (in progress)
KILL TEAM: Adeptus mechanicus

You're going to have to break your 'nids and Worldeaters out at some point!
Welcome Justin, great to meet you last night!
Figures painted in 2016: 4 Blush
"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."

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