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A curious Noob
Hello Everyone,

I found you oddly by googling World of Warcraft and Redditch, Yes i Play WoW. So was sort of looking to see if there where any groups of locals that play WoW.

My Name is Duncan and i Live in Redditch, Brockhill. Im 35 and looking for a new hobby.

Anyway found this site and forum and thought it sounds interesting as a new pass time.

Im thinking of coming along to your meeting next week to check it out and get a feel for what its all about watch a game etc.

Well think thats the hello done.

One question how much will it cost to get started to be able to play a game, ok be taught how to play Smile


Hello Duncan, and welcome!

Feel free to pop along any time and get a feel for what goes on. We play a range of games and can arrange demos for whatever takes your fancy before you take the plunge. Cost varies greatly between some of the game systems - there are the larger scale games that potentially require quite an investment in miniatures (although many can be acquired from ebay), while at the opposite end of the scale there are the "skirmish" games that don't require so many figures.

The figures can be just the start of the cost though by the time you factor in rulebooks, paints, etc. It's a rewarding pastime though!

Look forward to meeting you soon.
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Regarding cost something like 40k or fantasy will cost you a couple of hundred for a substantial force, but something like necromunda or Bloodbowl you can get set up for a minimum of about 30to 40 quid - about the cost of a computer game. Course then you will want to buy paints...although things don't have to be painted to be used at the club.

Hope you make it along and see something you like.

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Hi, Duncan, welcome to the road of enlightenment. Don't let the Elves get you!! Saga is another cheapish game to get into, very easy to learn.
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Welcome Duncan.

There are plenty of games, and most things will get tried at the club. Pop along any Tuesday, feel free to have a gander and ask any questions.

If your a little unsure on things, I am sure that a taster on anything you see at the club could be arranged, so don't feel scared to ask for a demo the following week.
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Thanks forthe relies and ill best to pop along on tuesday

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