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Starting up again
Hi my name is John and I recently started 40k again with Imperial Guard, I'm looking to get more familiar with the hobby so i decided to sign up here.

I did games workshop in the past but discovered Video games and went down that slippery path but now I'm back and I look forward to popping in one Tuesday in the future.
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Be good to meet you mate Smile there's PLENTY of guys that play 40k so u should always be able to find a game! I'd recommend posting on the weekly meeting posts to arrange a game before hand.
Hi John, ahh the slippery slope of video games, I know that one! Yes I definitely get more pleasure out of modelling/painting/gaming than computer games, welcome back! Hope to see you around soon, lots of 40k players at the club.

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Hi John, and welcome. You're by no means alone in starting up again - there look to be a few doing the same at the moment. We've got a good number of 40K'ers among our ranks so you shouldn't have any trouble getting a game. Look forward to meeting you soon!
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