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Blood bowl re-release in september for 25th anniversary?
New rumour on Blood bowl re-release-

In short: Harry (and an anonymous source from faeit212) is convinced that we see a new edition of Boodbowl this year, in the secret box slot in autumn, 25 years after 2nd edition. Includes:

Human Team
Ork team
Elf Team
Chaos All Stars
All individually sculpted.
Cardboard pitch
Rules mostly unchanged. Normal team vs. team rules plus scenario with end fight against Chaos All Stars.

Harry wrote:
Rumours of a new edition of Blood Bowl. (This deserves its own thread)

I posted this lot in July last year .... seems I got a bit ahead of myself. Over excited.

As this year is the 25th anniversay of Blood Bowl 2nd edition (The one with the astrogranite pitch) I am confident this is happening this time.

I first heard about this in 2007.
At the time I was writing articles for The watchman and this is what I said in a rumours article:

Blood Bowl was first released in 1987 That would make this year its 20th Anniversary (if my dates/maths are correct!) There were a lot of updates to the ‘living rulebook’ (online). I think this activity may have been due to the intended re-release of Blood Bowl this year although I can not say this for certain (but I can’t see Games Workshop waiting 5 years until the 25th anniversary).
This is just a hunch. (For those that don’t know me from Warseer my hunches are wrong most of the time!)
Aly Morrison and Mark Bedford have been working on new teams for some of the races with all individual players like the new Human team. And I think a number of these are completed and ready to go.

So it would seem I was wrong about them waiting another 5 years then.

I later found out I was also wrong about the teams being completed.
They were only 'planned' at this time.

But it seems like this is happening now:

75hastings69 has posted to say Blood Bowl is coming next year so that will be in 2012 for the 25th anniversary.

He also said this:

75hastings69 wrote:
So four teams of completely individual minis and a spammy new pitch wouldn't interest you?

As for rules why try and fix what isn't broken?
For those who don't know Hastings rumours are 99% fact.

So all we know so far is four nice new plastic teams, a new pitch and not much change to the rules.

Exactly what the four teams are has not been posted.
If the pitch is card, "astrogranite", plastic or cloth like the new Dread fleet also remains a mystery.

EDIT: Additional clarification/speculation from hastings

"The original rumours I heard on this suggested only two teams of individual models in the box - orcs & humans, it's only later mutterings I've heard that suggest there might be four teams."

I love Blood Bowl so have only one more thing to say ....


I said this in the last thread:

"Space Hulk was in 2009 ....
... Dread Fleet is in 2011 ....
I am not expecting the next NEW, LIMITED big box game until 2013

My understanding is that Blood Bowl is something different".

Now as it did not come last year .... and IS coming this year ... I am now thinking it will be the next LIMITED big Box game.

I have also heard from one source that he heard from someone else that someone they know had seen the CAD for a plastic pitch.
(So a really solid rumour! ) but I am imagining a cross between the astrogranite pitch and the battle board.

Finally I can confirm what hastings told us last year that two of the teams are Orcs and Humans.
But Like hastings I have also heard that there are four teams in the box.

I hear the story is that the four teams are the ones to make it to the play-offs for a specific cup/competition.


75hastings69 wrote:
I love blood bowl too.... especially now my willy miniatures Chaos BB team is on its way!!

Originally I was told....

Cardboard pitch (high production quality style)
Orc Team (all individual sculpts)
Human Team (again all individual sculpts)

Then I was told.....

Also Elf Team (individual sculpts)
Chaos All-Stars team (once more all individual sculpts)
And that the game would play out as a run up to final sort of scenario/mini league with the end game being vs chaos all stars for the cup, and that the game also had rules for just "straight vs play" instead of the campaign.

However.... I was then told....

"It's not happening" due in the most part to the retail failure of Dreadfleet.

So if this is indeed "back on" I have three words for you.......


anonymous source on faeit212 wrote:
I have it on good Authority that Codex Space Marines will be the June release this year. Eldar will follow them. There is also a "Mystery Box" slated for September/October (ala Space hulk). GW have 2 which they have waiting in the wings, Blood Bowl and Warhammer Quest but no idea which it will be at this time.

Warhammer wise, I was told what was coming out and in which order, but to be honest I forget as I dont play the game. But I do know that Lizardmen and High Elves are this year.
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Blood bowl Skaven
Awesome. I look forward to this.

I hope they don't mess with the rules at all. They are working now. Don't try and fix em GW!

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