Poll: Adding Round events to Bloodbowl League?
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Round Events
These look fun Cool


I just played a game with the work experience kid event. It was really funny. I got him to play the ball back to a thrower and I am 100K in credit. Other lost cash as he was KOed and one lucky guy managed to score with him!

Would people be interested in these? Vince would roll for one event each turn. Some are really bad too so make sure your happy before you vote.
No for me. Two reasons, one I am trying to get used to the games rules as is at the moment, without adding aa further complexity into the mix. Two people play at different speeds. You for instance may have played you third fixture before someone has done their second. Becomes far too complex to remember what is in effect then.
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I would have to say no at the moment, purely because I am not used to the game rules at the mo. perhaps if we have asecondseason next year...
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