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Frist Game at club
Big thanks to James for a cool game. Close right up to the end and lots of exciting moments throughout.

The Chaos team I named RED RED RED vs. my ladies Black Valentine.
The Amazon's got an early lead in the first half despite the first block from a beastman causing a casualty and permanently causing a limp to my blitzer Georgia Salpa who will be missing her next game (-1MA). The Zons where leading going into half time 1-0 with a few ladies in the KO box and the Apoc proved his worth saving another blitzer from a worse fate. Only a couple of ladies came back leaving 10 girls to to keep the chaos at bay until half time.

Fist half 1-0

The second half brought lots more causality's for the zons but they failed to fend the chaos away and conceded a TD in the 5th turn and did not managed to get one back.

Full time 1-1.

Extra time? We agreed to play it as we had time but I don't know if we are including this? If we need a winner then this is better than a dice roll I guess.

In extra time the Chaos fouled, smashed and pummelled the remaining Amazon's. The obviously blind ref only noticing a single foul out of half a dozen. The Chaos team took their eye off the ball and paid more attention to the minatour smashing up the place. The Minotaur became unstuck with a plucky line lady showing him how it is done just before she was send off the pitch with an armoured fist to the ovaries from a Chaos Warrior.

Two ladies left on the pitch made a brave play. Knocking the ball carring beastman into the crowd. popping to ball to the middle of their own endzone. Held tight to the ball and passed it forward to out reach the Chaos but the catch was missed. The Chaos picked up the fumbled ball and passed back to the cheers from the crowd.

Seeing double skulls when the minatour is swinging was my favourite part I think. Heart
Finished the night playing with three woman right Rob?

living the dream right there.

sounds lie ka good game anyway, true match up of skill vs brawn.
Simian aka Ben
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Hooting into the Abyss
(06-03-2013, 03:22 PM)Simian Wrote: Finished the night playing with three woman right Rob?

Dont you just love bloodbowl. Sounds like an excellent match, but alas no extra time, at least not until the playoffs. With the Lizards and Humans also in that division, this could get very tight indeed, with four fairly evenly matched teams. So one point each, not a bad start, and a long way to go, its a marathon, not a sprint, and you both should be over the moon earlydoors and not as sick as a parrot, back to you Gary in the studio
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Yeah a draw. I will take that :O)

The third TD's SPP needs to be taken off the Chaos beastman who ran home with it. It was such a cool play too is a shame really. No completions in the third half it was just Chaos chewing me up.
Extra time is part of the normal rules so no reason not to use it. Just don't use the die roll off if it's still a draw after that. Rob was robbed of a draw by stupidly lucky rolls but his dodging was beyond amazing.

Though it was fun breaking the amazons when I finally managed to stop them running away, I'm not sure I want to meet them when they have more skills.
No you are right I dont need any more models......but it's so shiney

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