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Blood bowl league 2013
2-1 win for the Ratmen! Woohoo!
Gone for Break tackle on my Rat Ogre and Block on my Gutter runner that levelled up.
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Blood bowl Skaven
Results in wrong thread Vince, but its recorded.
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(30-04-2013, 10:51 PM)manrogue Wrote: 2-1 win for the Ratmen! Woohoo!Gone for Break tackle on my Rat Ogre and Block on my Gutter runner that levelled up.

Well played sir. A good fun game too. Them rats are hard to stop and are great at breaking armour. I had the chainsaw guy Helmut Wolf induced as my blitzer was on the recovery bench who put the overgrown rat on his ass a few times. I did cause a turn over turning to push it out the pitch too but got a both down instead. It was so tempting I could not refuse.

My thrower scored T7 hoping to lead the first half and was mistaken as the rats easily scored in the two turns. I forgot to use my spare reroll T8 on the blitz to down the ball carrier. Doh!. I was out numbers so much I think even if I did downed him I could not stop the touch down. The start of the second half and the rats receiving soon scored again on turn 4. I managed to hold on to the ball long enough and made a break turn 7 that was too late for the equaliser. Great fun playing with lots of girls in injury box. I might be looking at a 13th line lady soon.

I had some great dodges all game only not making some super hard ones you don't expect to make. My MVP went to the thrower and skill up rolled .... 6 & 6

Oh yeah, a Str4 thrower Heart

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