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40k Club Elimination tournament - Semi Final Draw Page15
I’m pleased to announce the first 40k Elimination Club Tournament, but how will this work?

Well firstly please sign up by putting your name down on the forum on this thread or approach me in person at the gaming club by Tuesday 25th of Sept. Any one after this may miss out.

The points limit is 1750pts I believe this will give a fair chance for each army and is the standard pts level the club plays at. This also gives the best chance for a game to be completed in the given time.

How the draw and rounds will work:
Each round will be randomly drawn after every game has been completed from the previous round or close as possible without holding the tournament up.

Round1 Draw
Player1 V Player2
Player3 V Player4
Player5 vplayer6
Player7 v player8

Player1 wins as does player4, 5 and 8, then the draw is made for round2, player1 plays player 5 and 4 plays 8. While players 2,3,6 and 7 are eliminated from the tournament and will take no further part.

Arranging games:
Please use the relevant threads on the Redditch Wargaming forum to arrange the game once the draw has been made ( or the game can be arranged face to face after the draw), there is no set time limit as to when the game HAS to be played, but I would like it to take place within 2 weeks of the draw and no longer than 3 if possible, the draw is made for round1 by Friday the 28th of Sept and I would like all of the round1 ties to have taken place by Tuesday the 9th of October if possible.

Missions and deployment:
The mission and deployment types will used from the standard rulebook, and will be rolled for randomly prior to each round. Please note mission and deployments cannot be duplicated until all the missions or deployment types have been used already.

Army Lists:
Everyone is free to choose from the 40k codex’s available and any white dwarf updates (Sisters of Battle, Ork and Marine flyers). Forgeworld is a no go at the moment.

Army lists must be submitted before the first round (IE by the 2nd of October, this can be in person, via the forum (PM embolden) or via email ) and can only be altered between rounds with a penalty to the next game:

Alterations include any wargear changes or squad changes and are totalled up, if the figure is:
0-50pts change = 0 penalty points
51-150pts change = 2 penalty points
151-250pts change is 4pentalty points
251-350pts change is 6 penalty points
351- 500pts change is 8 penalty points
No more than 500pts worth of changes can be made in a single round.

Example: I swap out a Dreadnought worth 135pts for a Strike squad worth 110pts, I then give a character 25pts worth of upgrades, this totals 135pts worth of changes and will incur to 2 penalty points in the next round.

All fortifications and Allies are allowed

Painted Armies are not required.

The latest FAQs will be enforce during the Elimination Tournament

The terrain at the club is first come first serve and is never pre-set, so please make sure both players are happy with how the terrain is deployed before the game is started. If you arrive before your opponent, please grab a few bits and leave them on the board, then both players alternate placing terrain using the narrative rules in the 40k rulebook.

The winner is determined by the total number of victory points for the mission, this includes both primary and secondary missions.

Victory Points:
Old school victory points are used, so please keep a total of how much of the enemy has killed and how much you have killed of the enemy.

Tabling your opponent is considered to give an utter victory.

The points are then totted and up, minus any pts deductions for list changes and the winner for the round is declared and they will progress while the loser will be eliminated.


Game1 (round1): Hammer and Anvil – Scouring
Game2 (round2): Vanguard Strike – Purge the Alien
Game3 (Semis): Dawn of War – Big Guns Never Die
Game4 (Final): Random roll before the game

The draw:
Player8 Tom (big necron) - Necrons v Player9 Nick (nick1988) - Grey Knights
Player5 Chris (jaqenhgar) - Dark Angels v Player4 JJ (jjakaalbinoboy) - Guard
Player1 Rob Edwards (Embolden) - Space Wolves v Player3 Alan (sprogmcjob) - Eldar
Player2 Vince (Manrogue) - Guard v Player6 Rob (gonecrons) - Necrons
Player7 Ben (Sincilbanks) - Marines v Player10 Matt (the count) - Nids?

If you have any questions please post them here

Sign up post:

Player1 Rob Edwards (Embolden) - Space Wolves
Player2 Vince (Manrogue) - Guard
Player3 Alan (sprogmcjob) - Eldar
Player4 JJ (jjakaalbinoboy) - Guard
Player5 Chris (jaqenhgar) - Dark Angels
Player6 Rob (gonecrons) - Necrons
Player7 Ben (Sincilbanks) - Marines
Player8 Tom (big necron) - Necrons
Player9 Nick (nick1988) - Grey Knights
Player10 Matt (the count) - Nids?

Go on then Rob, sign me up!
40k- Space marines(5000 pts) Imperial guard (3000 pts) Tau (3000 pts)
Epic 40k-Space marines/Imperial Guard(2000 pts)
Infinity Yu jing (Aprox 1000 pts)
Necromunda Escher Mad capsules Avalanche
Blood bowl Skaven
go on then themed eldar to eliminated frist round here Smile
(11-09-2012, 03:24 PM)sprogmcjob Wrote: go on then themed eldar to eliminated frist round here Smile

Sorted, you're on the list Smile

Sign me up
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Element Games referral code JAS173.
(11-09-2012, 04:32 PM)jjakaalbinoboy Wrote: Sign me up

Added mate

Yes please rob! Think I will go with dark angels, might be the last time in a tourney before the new codex...
40K - Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Necrons; Lord of the Rings - lots; Bloodbowl - Dwarves, Wood Elves; SAGA - Anglo Danes & Welsh; Guildball - Morticians, Engineers; Dropzone/fleet - Shaltari
Cheers Chris, you've been added Smile

Sign me up. More Tomb worlds will awaken!

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