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Open Fire! FoW Starter Set

Available from October 20th, looks like a decent way to get started with FoW.

Box contains:
  • A 52 Page Full Colour Quick Start Guide
  • A 296 Page Full Colour Complete Rulebook
  • More Than 118 Finely Detailed Miniatures
  • V1 Flying Bomb Terrain Feature
  • Cardboard Terrain
  • Tokens
  • Objective Markers
  • Army Lists
  • 20 Dice

RRP £50 (£45 from Wayland Games).

Preview at
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"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."
those plastic infantry look great,already going half's on this set with my brother when it launches.
Just ordered a Sherman an a stug form this set as a tester,ill post some pictures when I get them =)
other alias-jim
current projects-drop-zone commander(ucm/phr),bolt action(everything)
very nice stuff in this kit,i was impressed with the infantry but a problem of gun barrels snapping off means care in required,but the sherman is nice but required a bit of modding get sitting ok(still a gap on one side) the Stug is a very nice little model easy to make with a few nice bits of stowage,nice commander an is hardy in my opinion its the best stug on the market by far an im considering selling off my p.s.c an old battlefront Stugs for these.
other alias-jim
current projects-drop-zone commander(ucm/phr),bolt action(everything)
They should really colour-code the infantry like they did with the tanks to make it clearer which country each of the individual men was from. But generally the games u get out of the set r good and fairly even. Tip for when playing Germans: keep the stug's and pak40's near one and other.Smile
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warhammer fantasy: high Elves
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