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Kickstarter Endure the Stars by Grimlord Games
Kickstarter Update

Quote:Rulebook V1.1 & shipping update
Posted by Grimlord Games (Creator)
Dear backers,
Since we began delivery of Endure the Stars over a month ago, we've been keeping a close eye on the reaction from backers. The feedback was mostly positive, but one thing that consistently came up was that the rule book was somewhat lacking in certain areas, so we've spent time collating all queries and conversing with people about where they felt there was room for improvement. The result of this is the new Endure the Stars rulebook V1.1!

Why do we need another rulebook?
Endure the Stars was (and is) an ambitious, beautiful project that has (mostly) been a rousing success. The game components are fantastic, the box is crammed full of content, people are enjoying it and manufacturing and delivery has steadily moved along without grinding to some catastrophic halt. But seeing as though this was our very first project, mistakes were bound to be made and one of them was that I (Adam) kept a few too many little bits of information in my head, and failed to transfer them into the rulebook. We're still finding our feet as a company, but we're making sure that every mistake is a lesson learned, so that things like these do not happen again in the future.

Have the rules changed?
There are only 2 rule changes to the book. These are not fundamental, game changing rules but refinements of existing ones. The first is a change to what happens should survivors ever find themselves in a zone so full that no other miniatures may enter, called the Trapped rule:

Trapped - If survivors ever find themselves in a situation where their zone is completely full and no other miniatures may enter, then they are considered to be Trapped. Any survivor that occupies a Trapped zone at the end of a game round suffers 1 damage and loses 1 Resolve.

The second introduces Weapon Jams:

Weapon Jams - The weapons you find lying around when searching the ship may be your greatest chance of survival.... if they work. When making an attack action with a ranged weapon that requires more than 1 die, there is a chance that the weapon will become Jammed. This occurs when the dice results of the ranged attack action are all the same. The entire attack action is now considered a failure, regardless of how many results were successful, and the weapon may not be used for the rest of the round.

The rest of the edits to the book are just deeper and more comprehensive explanations and clarifications of the mechanics of Endure the Stars. We want to thank everyone who took the time to post constructive and well meaning criticisms and anyone who took the time to converse with us on the subject, the result is a better rulebook and that is good for everyone!

The new rulebook can be downloaded here from the Grimlord Games website.

NA shipping status

As of 14:00 GMT, the shipment has arrived in Chicago and are sitting in a holding warehouse, ready to be collected by Shipbob. We'll keep you posted as we receive more details.

The Grimlord Games team
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