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Zombicide: Invasion - will - 16-04-2018


This popped up on my news feed. Looks really good,I'm quite tempted to back it. I especially like the stretch goal models. Although they are stretching fair use a little bit, who doesn't want Marty mcfly and Doc Brown in their collection Big Grin

I havnt played any of the zombicide games though are they good?

RE: Zombicide: invasion - Stuart - 16-04-2018

(16-04-2018, 12:59 PM)will Wrote: I havnt played any of the zombicide games though are they good?

Yeah, good fun. This one looks interesting, but I've already got the original version and Black Plague so I'm not sure there's enough to differentiate it for me personally - just a different theme and a few tweaks.

I do like some of the stretch goal characters though!

RE: Zombicide: Invasion - Noisysteve - 18-04-2018

Black Plague is amazing, and frustrating. Every now and then I bring it up and we play the next uncompleted scenario. Last time it was the Monty Pythons knights of the round table getting swatted by the undead!

RE: Zombicide: Invasion - Stuart - 19-04-2018

I've really enjoyed our games of Black Plague - must try playing it at home more often.