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WHW weekend & photos - Simian - 26-03-2018

Spent the weekend at WHW with a few mates. i took my camera along and got some shots.







here's a few of them.

We had 2 admech armies, 1 custards, my nurgle, and an eldar force

learning from the weekend. Nurgle are nasty as fk i tabled the custards player in 3 turns losing 2 units of nurglings and 6 plaguebearers.....Admech are nastier! Eldar are good, Ad mech are better.....

all in all though, a fun weekend

RE: WHW weekend & photos - Stuart - 26-03-2018

Some lovely shots there Ben!

RE: WHW weekend & photos - Gareth - 26-03-2018

Ben I am not seeing anything photo wise. However are these the same as what Aidan shared on Twitter, then yes I have seen them.

RE: WHW weekend & photos - jjakaalbinoboy - 26-03-2018

I can't see any photos above either. Sad

RE: WHW weekend & photos - Simian - 26-03-2018

should be updated now.

and yes Gareth, sames ones as aidan shared