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New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - jaqenhgar - 23-03-2018

New Falconer's guild up for pre order, hot on the heels of the new ratcatcher's guild, both in plastic

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - Noisysteve - 25-03-2018

They look great, but gonna concentrate on my butchers for now

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - Gareth - 25-03-2018

I cannot see how this is helping the game to be honest. There seems to be more focus on more guilds, than models for existing guilds. Whilst obviously from a purely financial decision, selling a box of miniatures, will pull in more than a single sculpt, as someone who 1) is not playing competitively so is not buying each power creep guild, 2) has not even painted his kick starter guild, each new guild release just bores me. Eventually they will run out of mechanics (Snare was supposed to be Hunter specific, to start, its now in other guilds,) a new captain, mascot and model per guild per year, would pull in more money, and keep interest more I feel.

That being said though, they have moved out of Element Games, into new premises, so things cannot be going too badly.

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - jaqenhgar - 25-03-2018

That might be due to their other games though, not sure how well Guild Ball is doing.

Are the new quilds thought of as more powerful than the older ones then?

I'm quite interested in the Falconer's and Blacksmiths Guild but trying to resist as can't justify buying them when I am not getting any games in, and my painting queue is endless!

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - Noisysteve - 25-03-2018

The Falconers and the Ratcatchers are minor guilds . Not as powerful as the major guilds. Makes no difference in play just in fluff. Each minor guild will be allied to a major Guild, so you will see some player crossovers. Veteran Graves from the Mortic8ans can play for the Ratcatchers. This still only makes 13 teams as of the end of June. Also some Union players can now play as full guild players. I know Gutter has now joined the Butchers, and so won't count towards the Union restrictions .

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - Agincourt - 26-03-2018

I bought the basic two team set, etc. at Salute last year - a real bargain at about £35. Have played the initial learn how to play game, and had a tutorial from Gaz before that.

I like what I have played so far but 1 game a year isn't cutting learning the rules that certainly need a bit of practice...

Open to a game sometime...

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - Noisysteve - 26-03-2018

This is one of my fave games. Lots of different mechanics, so lots of opportunity to push plays together to do something spectacular. I definitely want to get in more games . Any Guild your leaning towards yet Paul?

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - jaqenhgar - 26-03-2018

Would a casual league help people get more games in? Sort of like the Blood Bowl one but where you can play ppl multiple times and just record average score or something?

I also love this game Steve and def want to play it more - might even try and finish painting a team....

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - Noisysteve - 27-03-2018

In a league wouldn't matter in which order you played opposing teams, as no players get any advancements. Just say play every other team maybe twice if there aren't many players.

RE: New Falconer's Guild - Guild Ball - Noisysteve - 28-03-2018

I'm thinking I want to do tournaments next year. Not many about though. Maybe we should set in a up, get the club name on the Guild ball map? Not even UK expo running one.