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I play Saga - Gareth - 21-05-2014

List of Saga players and their factions.

Forum Handle Name Army
jaqenhgar Chris Anglo-Danes
Noisysteve Steve Normans
Agincourt Paul Anglo-Danes, Vikings, Jomsvikings, Milites Christi
stygmatyr Justin Scots
Stuart Stuart Vikings, Jomsvikings, Milites Christi (soon)
nothing_but_the_rain Dan Vikings
Gareth Gareth Welsh, Strathclyde Welsh
johnb60 John Anglo-Danes, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Vikings
Khronic Dan Vikings (learning game)
templar Karl Mutatawwia, Pagan Rus, Anglo-Danes, Vikings, Jomsvikings

RE: I play Saga - jaqenhgar - 21-05-2014

Chris - Anglo-Danes

RE: I play Saga - Noisysteve - 30-05-2014

I have Claude the Conquered, and his Normans

RE: I play Saga - stygmatyr - 24-07-2014

Put my order in for my stuff, I will be playing scots wearing the tartan of clan fraser

RE: I play Saga - Stuart - 24-07-2014

Vikings and Jomsvikings. Badly.

RE: I play Saga - nothin_but_the_rain - 02-08-2014

Dan - Vikings

RE: I play Saga - templar - 30-01-2015

To add to your list Gaz:-

Mutatawwia (just love camels!)
Pagan Rus, Anglo-Dane, Viking, Jomsviking


RE: I play Saga - Agincourt - 30-01-2015

[deleted earlier post by way of update]


Viking and JomsViking

Milites Christi

RE: I play Saga - Etched Oracle - 30-01-2015

Built and to be painted:

Norse Gaels