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Welcome to the RedWarSoc Dropfleet Commander Escalation League! 

Previous RedWarSoc Errata WILL NOT be used. Though I felt it was well received and edited the game nicely, putting ourselves out of sync with the rest of the worldwide DfC Community isn't a good thing in the long run, and this League will lead into MIDLANDS MAELSTROM 3, where regular DfC rules will also be used. We'll just have to wait for TT to make the changes themselves :/ I sent them my errata and game fixes, citing how much time we had put into testing, but they never responded to me. 

Here are the dates for our League fixtures, playing every fortnight, so you can have a break/ practice week inbetween:

September 25th
October 9th
October 23rd
November 6th
November 20th
December 4th

Week 1 will begin with 700pts Skirmish. You will gain a bonus 50pts to your fleet for each game that you lose as the league goes on, which I will keep track of for you. 

Fortnightly results, fixtures and league standings will be posted HERE. 


1) Hector 62TP
2) Chris 59TP
3) George 56TP
4) Luke 55TP
5) Matt 43TP
6) Tony 41TP
7) Adam 33TP
8) Vince 27TP
Count me in for the glorious White Sphere. Big Grin

Luke Ricketts
I am currently stripping my UCM in preparation. Is there a local(ish) shop in Birmingham that sells DFC?

I never got my commemorative prize thing last year as I couldn't attend the last session for some reason, probably work related.
I am going to try Shaltari. Let's hope the recent disaster in their shipyards isn't an omen.
I am also going to give Shaltari a go this time
Put me down for Scourge this time Smile
I only have UCM built so it's an easy choice! Away on September 25th and October 23rd might be a struggle because of work. Committed to make the rest though!
I am in with UCM, only played twice so apologise in advance on many questions i will have!
Vince UCM
(30-08-2018, 09:36 AM)manrogue Wrote: [ -> ]I am in with UCM, only played twice so apologise in advance on many questions i will have!
Vince UCM

Squeeze a practice game or two in first? I’m sure lots of people will be looking to test their lists in the week before we start.
I will bite the bullet and give UCM a whirl!
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