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Full Version: Armada: SSD finally coming
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Looks like the Super Star Destroyer is coming.

Reports suggesting "Q1 2019. $199. 6 firing arcs. 3 attacks per turn"

News link from FFG here

It's bloody HUGE!
2' !!?
(09-08-2018, 08:54 PM)Russell Wrote: [ -> ]2' !!?

Yup, it's bonkers. It's at a really daft price point too...not sure how many people will actually buy this, or if it remains in the same league as 40K titans.
£130 pre-orders

Matt and I worked it out last night, it'll take up most of a board lengthways. If you play across in the usual way, you'll be deploying it in both start areas. I can't see how it's going to work in a game?

Read somewhere that it takes 220 minimum to get it on the board, never mind upgrades etc. Does come with the Emperor though Smile

"hull value of twenty-two, and nine upgrade slots" - that's going to take some killing!

If I don't buy the SSD (which is highly likely given the price), I'd love to get hold of the Emperor upgrade card...

"His effects can be deadly as you work to pick apart and destroy your opponent’s defenses. After you deploy fleets, you’ll place one defense token of each type on Emperor Palpatine. Before any ships activate in a round, you can discard one of these tokens. For the rest of the round, if any enemy ship or squadron would spend a matching token, they must discard it instead!"