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Okay folks, we're looking at options for getting some club dice (D6s), where the 6 would be replaced by a club logo e.g.

Not sure exactly on price yet but these are likely to come out up to £1 per dice, but will vary depending on how many people want them as the more we buy, the cheaper they are per dice.

Hoping to look at potentially selling these for something along the lines of 30 for £20, 20 for £15, 10 for £7.50?

We're looking at black or red dice but I'll put up examples of these to get a consensus before we order. This thread is just to gauge interest to see how many people would be interested. If we assume they are in packs of 10 so 10 dice for £10 (max), how many of you would want one?

Pricing works as follows:
The dice are priced in brackets by quantity, the more we can buy, the cheaper it is per dice:
10-25: $1.00 each (order total $10-$25/~£7.15-£17.85)
26-99: $0.75 each (order total $19.50-$74.25/~£13.95-£52.95)
100-199: $0.60 each (order total $60-$119.40/~£42.80-£85.15)
200-499: $0.50 each (order total $100-$249.50/~£71.33-£178)
500-999: $0.42 each (order total $210-$419.58/~£149.80-£299.30)
1000+: $0.39 each (order total $390+/~£278.20+)

(FYI - Element Games sell packs of these 10 for £8)

But they're able to buy a much larger quantity at a time than we would be able to.

On top of those prices is shipping and customs costs too.
Current options from Chessex:
Black/Red Opaque Dice
[Image: OPBLKRED.jpg]
Red with Black Opaque Dice
[Image: opaque_red%20with%20black.jpg]

Red Translucent Dice
[Image: TRRED.jpg]
Smoke/Red Translucent Dice
[Image: translucent_smoke%20with%20red.jpg]

Frosted™ Red w/white
[Image: frosted_red.jpg]

Gemini™ Black-Red/gold
[Image: Gemini3BlackRed.jpg]

Scarab™ Scarlet w/gold
[Image: scarabscarlet_big.jpg]

Velvet™ Black w/red
[Image: BlackRed.jpg]

Vortex™ Burgundy w/gold
[Image: Vortex_Burgundy.jpg]

Current options from 
Opaque Spot Dice
Standard Colours: White, Red, Orange,Yellow, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Ivory.
[Image: spot_opaque.jpg]
Pearl Spot Dice
Standard Colours: Red, White, Green, Purple, Blue, Grey.
[Image: spot_pearl.jpg]

Marble Spot Dice
Standard Colours: Blue, Green, Black, Red, Purple.
[Image: spot_marble.jpg]
Oblivion Spot Dice
Standard Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange.
[Image: spot_obliv.jpg]
Is be up for buying some. Maybe 10?
I prefer the black/red dice personally.
I would buy some. All of the colours look good.
Personally I prefer the Red War Six take on the logo. That is what I was planning on using in the past. It is 1) a clever take on the club name, 2) makes it obvious the logo is on the SIX face as opposed to the one.
red translucent is my favourite. Otherwise any of the others but don't like the velvet one - numbers don't stand out on those ones for me, I find it hard to see them
(06-04-2018, 06:51 PM)jaqenhgar Wrote: [ -> ]red translucent is my favourite. Otherwise any of the others but don't like the velvet one - numbers don't stand out on those ones for me, I find it hard to see them

I agree. Although some of the Gold text ones become hard to read, unless on pure red too.
Chessex did a sample dice:
There's a number of dice options here too
Okay I've had two people say they don't like the RedWarSix logo and would prefer RedWarSoc instead. I'm kind of in agreement as although I kind of see it working internally, nobody outside the club would get the play on words etc.
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