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Full Version: Dawn of War 3
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That was a bit sudden Big Grin

I thought I only heard it was being made not long ago!
Quote:Dawn of War 3 features base building and overhead-view strategic deployment of Space Marines, Eldors and Orks as they fight for terrain and for resources.

DOW 3 is officially abandoned by the deves. What happens when you make a starcraft like game with poor animations, using blob tactics and trying to break into the E-sports market. Story was rubbish as they focused on the multiplayer and locked elite units behind a points wall and limited them to only three per player.

They totally destroyed what made DOW 1 and 2 gd. Hell I still play DOW 1 with mods of course. With one such mod being a titan mod which adds emperor class titans into the game to truly make the apocalypse mod epic and destroy chaos and xeno scum alike.