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Full Version: New Releases leaks
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Just saw on Reddit that some new releases (Wave Nine) have leaked and they look very fun Tongue

My fave has to be the backwards firing Tie Fighter Tongue
Cheers for the heads up, however I wouldn't use the term "leak" when it's FFG that actually release the information first.

As per usual with FFG and their X-Wing offerings, look well thought out. I'm really excited by the Shadow Caster and an alternate Sabine. In love the introduction of the Rebel series in the game. Personally I would love them to introduce some prequel era ships / or more factions such as Trade Federation and Old Republic.
Yeah I think this leak was all of 20 minutes in advance Big Grin more of a drip i guess!

I like the idea if small fighters with rear arcs as well.
And a Turrent ship that has to pick its turret facing!