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So last night Gaz and myself played our first game of Guild Ball, Alchemists v Butchers. We played 6 players per side.
We managed a goalless draw, mainly because we referred to the rules a lot! I think if we had managed 2 more turns, things would have got very exciting as we were both getting to grips with where to spend influence and how to use our players abilities. With that and momentum points it makes for lots of possible play combinations.
I really needed to move the ball around more, and once my big guy got involved he was awesome, having a charge, and then attacking 6 times in total, all for only 2 influence points!
I really enjoyed the game, and learnt a lot in a relatively short space of time.
Sometimes confused my tactical thinking with Bloodbowl!!
Really looking forward to a rematch, as I think things will change drastically for Both of us, so can't see another draw happening!!
Also we found out a little about the different play styles of the teams. The Alchemists were all about throwing smoke down to gain cover, then throwing poison and fireballs to cripple their opponents. The Butchers are all about getting up close and personnel, then carving the other team open with cleaners and knives.
Alchemists v Butchers

Gaz took Mercury, Flask, Calculus, Katalyst, Smoke and Vitriol for the Alchemists
I took Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Brisket and Meathook for the Butchers

Gaz kicked off and Shank retrieved the ball and mis kicked it to behind his team.
I won initiative, and moved Brisket to pick up the ball, as the rest of the team piled forward towards the opposition.
The alchemists fired off smoke and poison clouds to block any lines of attack.
Princess and Boiler managed to get into Mercury and started dishing out some pain, but took poison damage. Mercury fought back , and more poison and fire smashed into the Butchers.
Meathook and Ox joined in, and Mercury, having taken too much damage was taken off the field.

Alchemists. 0. Butchers. 2

Brisket moved up the wing, and using her super shot, scored the opening goal

Alchemists. 0. Butchers 6

The Butchers were taking too much damage in the melee in the centre of the pitch, and soon cit was too much for Princess and Meathook.

Alchemists. 4. Butchers. 6

Boiler also succumbed and he was taken off too

Alchemists. 6. Butchers. 6

Smoke grabbed the ball, and disappearing in a smoke cloud, reappeared further up the pitch.
Meat hook managed to get back on the pitch, and prevented Smoke from shooting.
Ox now got taken out, just too must noxious fumes in the centre.

Alchemists. 8. Butchers. 6

Having delayed Smoke, Boiler and Ox managed to tackle smoke, and using one touch football, got the ball clear. Boiler was then taken out for a second time by Smoke.

Alchemists. 10. Butchers 6

Shank picked the ball up, and sprinting towards the goal, let fly, scoring the Butchers second.

Alchemists. 10. Butchers 10

It now came down to two fights.
In the centre Brisket and Shank chased Flask, hoping to take him down, and thus securing the win.
Near the Butchers goal, Smoke took on Ox.
The chemical cocktail that Ox had inhaled proved too much, and he slumped to the ground. Game over

Alchemists 12. Butchers. 10
So as Gaz said, he butchered the Butchers! What went wrong?
Firstly I bunched my players in the centre of the pitch, and although this did help take out Gaz's player, it meant that any area effect that he threw at me, caught at least 2, and sometimes 3 players, and when these stack up I ended up taking too much damage , too quickly , to too many players.
Gaz had a gameplan, and he stuck to it.
My gameplan was to score 3 goals for the 12 victory points needed, but in hindsight, I should have spread my players out, and dealt more damage than I did.
As always I learnt a lot, and feel I have a better feel of my team now,and the tactics I need to be using.
Was a throughly enjoyable game, and for a short time, I did think I might just win this!
As they say, tomorrow is another day !
sounds like a very close and exciting game! I think against the alchemists you either have to spread out a lot, or you have to go in really hard and take out some of the key players. I also lost to Gareth because i failed to do enough damage to him i think.
I had been having issues with the Alchemists, because I had been trying to score goals with them. Vitriol and Midas both seem to have stats like goal getters, but loosing the ball in a tackle, then left me out of position. Against you both I have dropped those two and replaced them with Smoke and Venin, and clumped up in the centre. Smoke can really makes use of the AoEs that Calculus and Mercury drop, whilst Venin gives me a reliable way to throw out Bleed, on anything that has been poisoned. That then means I have added a third maintenance dealing condition, and with all three stacked thats 6 points of damage at the start of your turn. Seeing as most players do not have more than 18 health boxes, I can really take quite a few players down in three turns or less. Add in that each condition makes Katalyst much more deadly, and a well timed charge from Smoke and his Intensify, things can get very messy, very quickly.

I think against Steve in particular one of the key activations on my side, was when I took out Princess with the turns final activation. having played against Steve in the past, the has been taken out every game. However her Loved Creature ability has been horrid against me. I might have to start trying the Fish out, and make effect of that ability on Salt.
Engineers (Chris). V Butchers (Steve )

The game kicked off, and Velocity for the Engineers quickly gained control of the ball, moving from one wing to the other. The Butchers moved in for the attack, Shank tackling Velocity, taking the ball, dodging through the engineers before moving in on goal and scoring.

Engineers. 0. Butchers 4

The ball was kicked out, but towards Brisket of the Butchers, bringing the ball under control and moving out onto the wing, and eye on doubling the lead.
Seeing the danger the Engineers blocked her, knocking her down, the ball spilling off the pitch.
The crowd booted the ball back into the centre of the pitch, Velocity moved quickly , moved in close to the goal, letting fly with a screamer, levelling the game.

Engineers. 4. V. Butchers 4

The game now descended into a full out scrap, the ball moving from player to player, as passes , tackles and attacks flew in all directions. A lot of players were now taking damage, and something had to give.
With a combination of grenades and crossbow bolts , first Princess, and the Shank were taken out by the Engineers.

Engineers. 7. Butchers. 4

The Butchers replied in kind, ganging up on Colossus, taking him out, then taking out Mainspring.

Engineers. 7. Butchers. 7

Princess bounded back onto the pitch to protect the goal, but was again taken out when Mainspring was brought back on, overwound and exploded.

Engineers. 8. Butchers. 7

Salvo was next to feel the wrath of the Butchers, and was carried off.

Engineers. 8. Butchers. 9

One goal for either side would win, and the Engineers star player, Velocity, took attack after attack, before winning the game , with another screamer.

Engineers. 12. Butchers. 9

A massive mammoth game, with loads of incidents.
Most players got to use Character plays, Heroic plays and Legendary plays.
Grenades, quarrels, knives and cleavers were flying in all directions.
The game could have gone either way a number of times but for the roll of a dice.
I really enjoy Guildball , it has varied gameplay, and a number of tactics to win a game, or a combination.
Yeah it was a great game Steve, thought you had me really early on when you nearly went 2 goals to nothing up but I managed to claw it back somehow.

Guild Ball definitely up there as one of my favourite games!
Steamforged have dropped some spoilers for season 4 rule changes. So far no major changes.
Zoe's can now be measured from any part of the template, instead of the middle. I think we was doing this anyway. Also most aoe ranges will be reduced by 2" to reflect this, so that aoe's don't get a massive range.
Any kicks within 4" will get a minus 1 to the target number, the same as tap in goal shots, which makes sense.
Lastly to encourage mayhem earlier in the game, the kicking team will get 1 momentum on turn 1.
So far the changes are very minor but logical.
Oops, didn't realise we have been doing the AOE's wrong this whole time!
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