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Full Version: Evacuation of Hoth - Gareth vs Will/Simon
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Ok pre-Evacuation report. I'll write up a post game report, and try and remember to take some photos, but seeing as its a scenario rather than a full on Dog-Fight, its something a little more interesting to report.

The scenario is this.

The GR-75 departs from Echon Base and soars out of Hoth's atmosphere, but it must travel through an Imperial minefield on its way. The Rebel forces escorting the GR-75 struggle to override the mines' programming and seize control of them in order to buy precious time for the transport to escape.

Basically the GR-75 needs to vacate the board, off the opposite corner. Six mines with various effects, are scattered about the board. They can be turned off by being placed under Rebel control, or back on by being under Imperial control, and an Imperial mine within range 1-3 of the GR-75 can be activated at the end of turn.

With that in mind and not knowing what force Will was going to choose, I selected my forces.

Rebel Alliance; 125 points.

X-Wing - "Hobbie" Klivian - R5-K6 and Proton Torpedoes - 31 points
This is quite an expensive ship, but Hobbie has a few advantages up his sleeve. When he Target Locks he de-Stresses, and the R5-K6 unit allows him a chance to get a Target Lock when he spends one. The Proton Torpedoes can make a mess of most TiEs, an obviously require the target lock, which he will be obtaining. Also at Pilot Skill 5, he will help deactivate the Mines.

2 x Y-Wing - Gold Squadron Pilot - Ion Cannon Turret - 23 points.
Two Y-Wings, which can soak up fire, and with a Turret anything getting behind them, is still threatened. With it being Ion, it can severely neutralise the TIEs speed and manoeuvrability.

B-Wing - Dagger Squadron Pilot - 24 points.
My favourite Rebel ship from the films, and having a habit of playing Imperials, I have never used it. So what better opportunity. A tank on the field, but to fit in my next two choices, I had to keep it cheap.

2 x Z-95 Headhunter - Bandit Squadron Pilot - 12 points.
Cheap ships, but the get bodies on the board. With the idea being to deactivate the mines, the more ships I have the better. Would have run more, but only own two.

Imperial Alliance; 100 points.

I imagine that I will be running these, as Will is sure to be draw to the Transport, but I love my choices here. The Imperials can bring on reinforcements, for anything Pilot Skill 4 or above, in the form of the lowest pilot skill version of a destroyed ship, to combat their lower points value. As such I made the following choices, an tried to skip upgrades.

3 x TIE Fighter - Black Squadron Pilot - 14 points.
Cheap, pilot skill 4, comes back.

TIE Interceptor - Saber Squadron Pilot - Adrenaline Rush - 22 Points.
My favourite ship from the films, I can never see me not running one. Besides if I took 4 BSP I would have had spare points. Adrenaline rush, filled out the points, and allows me to K-Turn and pull of an action. Again Skill 4 and comes back, without the AR though.

2 x TIE Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot - Concussion Missiles and Proximity Mines - 23 points.
Ok I spent a fair amount on these. At skill 2, they don't come back, but without the upgrades they are of little use. Dropping mines over the evacuation area, will help at the late game, and the concussion missiles will do a fair amount in the early game. After that their primary weapons, and 6 hull points are just a distraction.

So thats my list design, lets see this evening how things pan out.
Any chance of taking pics and writing a battle report Gaz?

Looks a good scenario and like the ship choices, would like to read a write up!
Right as expected Will was drawn to the Transporter, so I used my Imperial fleet.

I never got the full fleet list, but Will and Simon were approximately using;

X-Wing - Biggs Darklighter with R2-D2.
Y-Wing - Dutch Vander with Advanced Proton Torpedoes and Ion Cannon Turret
YT-1300 - Han Solo with Proton Torpedoes, Chewbacca, Gunner, and something else.

Thats what I remember.

I set the mine field out, with the one that shifts the Transport backwards closest, damage dealing ones in the middle, and the one closest to the evacuation point, was going to be the damage card flipping one. I was hoping to slow the transport down, deal damage, and then make that damage do more, by flipping it.

I deployed my Two Bombers, in the corner that the Transport had to evacuate from, ready to drop their mines. The 3 TIE Fighters and Interceptor were then deployed in a squadron, roughly at the mid point, ready o fly forwards on an intercept.

Will and Simon, placed the GR-75 facing directly towards the evacuation point, with Biggs to the Starboard side, and the YT-1300 and Y-Wing to the Port side, with the Y-Wing to the front.

[Image: IMG_0662_zps35fcdcd5.jpg]
I started by moving the Bombers forward at a staggered pace. Not to desperate to close the distance, and wary not to collide with Squadron into them. Wills had the GR-75 move slowly forwards and build up some energy, ready to top his shields up if needed. I then proceeded to move the TIE Fighters forward, and barrel roll to gain some extra distance. Like an idiot, I moved the three TIEs first, and forgot that at the same Pilot skill, I should have dealt with the Interceptor and avoided

[Image: IMG_0663_zpsfb564cfa.jpg]

Biggs escorted the Transport, whilst Simon had the Y-Wing and Falcon break off on a flanking manoeuvre. Having seen how effective stalling your main combat ship was, Simon also collided with his own ship.

[Image: IMG_0664_zps1ebd9594.jpg]
The Bombers moved up, and dropped their Mines. The Transport started to drift Port, hoping to swing round later in the game, whilst avoiding my ships in the short-term. The Squadron started to split ready for combat, hoping to get some long range damage dealt, and start tripping shields off. Biggs, banked away from the transport, whilst Dutch and Han, carried on their path, with Han setting a target lock ready to unleash his torpedoes.

With ships starting to get into range 3, Biggs scored a direct hit on one of the TIEs whilst in return a TIE stripped one shield off the Transport

[Image: IMG_0665_zps13776ded.jpg]
Having forgotten to take a photo of this turn, things evade my memory. However if I recall correctly, the Bombers advance some more, hoping to get a Target Lock, which proved out of range. Desperate to unleash their payload, the early stall was annoying. It being Biggs, and the fact he dealt two damage at range 3, my Squadron started to try to take him out. Biggs moved on an intercept path, ready to finish off the wounded TIE, whilst Dutch and Han swung round to the fight. Well Dutch did, Han decided to take his money, and pay off Jabba.

[Image: IMG_0666_zpsacc0c2bc.jpg]

However being the hero his is, he swung around and rejoined the fight.

Biggs destroyed the damaged TIE, whilst the Squadron stripped his shields, and left him with one hull point. Having replenished its shield, one of the TIEs who couldn't help finish (or not finish) Biggs, scored two damage on the Transport.
By now the game was battle was entering its final throws.

The Bombers advanced ready to engage the Transport. The Imperials sent forth a fresh recruit from the Academy to engage Biggs. The rest of the Imperial forces about turned to face the rear of the Transport. Getting behind it, meant that it was in trouble, and the Rebels knew that the inevitable was going to happen. All they could do now, was hope that they had caused enough of a distraction, that other transports, with personal cargo onboard, would be more fortunate. Opening fire on the Bombers, Han managed to shoot the missiles from one of the ships, whilst Dutch managed to severely damage the second, using his Advanced Proton Torpedoes to a near lethal effect. Biggs helped damage the second Bomber, and one more hit was sure to leave it a ball of fire. The remnants of the Squadron, opened fire on the Transport, finally stripping its shields, and getting a critical hit, which reduced its shield capabilities. The Academy pilot, who was on a head on course with Biggs, opened fire managed to destroy the X-Wing.

[Image: IMG_0667_zps42a83c5e.jpg]

But the Imperials still had more work to do. As such the Bomber with its missiles still intact locked onto the Transport, ready to unleash its pay load. The transport, attempted to bring its shields back online, in a hope of buying more time. The squadron again moved alongside ready to unleash their lasers. Dutch and Han manoeuvred trying to avoid colliding with each other aware that with turrets, they were guaranteed to get firing opportunities. Getting ready to fire its missiles, Han opened fire on the Bomber seeing it destroyed, whilst Dutch used his Ion Cannon, to leave the second bomber drifting into the Transports flight path. That left the TIEs and Intercepter who again stripped the Transports shields, and scored more damage on the hull.

[Image: IMG_0668_zps5e859d88.jpg]

Into the final turn, the remaining Bomber under the effect of Ion, drifted forwards seeing the Transport turn into it. Thats one more ship, that the Rebels will never see again. Just maintaining fire arcs on the Transport the remaining Imperials moved, whilst the Y-Wing and Falcon both turned to face the rear of the Imperial fighters. If the Imperials failed in their mission now, they would be in trouble, with the Rebel ships behind them. Han and the Y-Wing opened fire, destroying one of the new Intercepter models, but the remaining TIE fighters had enough fire power, to eventually cripple the transport. Mission accomplished, but will they have time to get another of the Rebel scum fleeing the planet?

[Image: IMG_0670_zps708d0b44.jpg]
Good report Gaz, cheers for posting!