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Full Version: Alan's Hobby Log
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Hi all,

Thought I'd create myself a hobby log to show off my stuff as I paint it, and get some feedback as well.  I've got quite a bit of my Astra Militarum painted, but have recently started a small Chaos army, and my Dark Elves are an ongoing project:

The list below are the models I've got that are unpainted and that I'm going to try and get done this year.  I'm remaining hopeful but I tend to paint very slowly, as I'm a bit of a fiend for the small details. :

Astra Militarum
- 3x Leman Russ Tanks*DONE*
- Vendetta *DONE*
- 2x Wyverns *DONE*
- Knight Commander Pask's Punisher *DONE*
- 30 man platoon and Platoon Command Squad *DONE*
- Priest *DONE*
- 40ish assorted guardsmen to pad out the blob *20 DONE*
- 3x Rapier Laser destroyers *DONE*
- Basilisk *DONE*
- 2x Techpriest Enginseers *DONE*
- Vulture Gunship
- Commissar Yarrick*DONE*
- 2x Commissar's*DONE*
- 2x Astropaths *DONE*
- 15x Tempestus scions *DONE*
- 10x Tempestus Scions
- 6x Mortar teams
- 3x Autocannon teams
- 3x Scout Sentinels *DONE*
- 6x Bullgryn

Space Marines
- 3x squads of 5 man tac marine squads *2 DONE*
- 2x bolter scout squads *1 DONE*
- Rhino
- Attack Bike

- Chaos Lord on Juggernaut *DONE*
-  Be'Lakor *DONE*
- Maulerfiend*DONE*
- Obliterators *DONE*
- 5x Spawn (Actually Crypt Ghouls who will be "count as" spawn - I hate the actual spawn models) *DONE*
- 10x more Cultists *DONE*
- 2 more Chaos Spawn*DONE*
- 2x Vindicators *DONE*
- 3x Helbrutes *DONE*
- 4x more Spawn *DONE*
- 5x more Chaos Marines with Meltagun *DONE*
- Heldrake *DONE*
- 2nd Maulerfiend *DONE*
- 20x Chaos Flesh Honds *DONE*
- 16x Bloodletters *DONE*
- 6x Chaos Bikes *DONE*
- Bloodthirster *DONE*
- 11x Pink Horrors *DONE*
- The Changeling (Proxy as Tzeentch herald) *DONE*
- Typhus *DONE*
- 2x Chaos Sorcerers on Bikes *DONE*
- Khorne Herald on Juggernaut *DONE*
- 14 more bloodletters
- Cypher *DONE*
- Jump Pack Sorcerer *DONE*
- Another Bike Sorcerer *DONE*
- 3x Chaos Terminators *DONE*
- Heldrake number 2 *DONE*
- Tzeentch Herald on disc
- 5x more flesh hounds
- 10x Chaos Cataphractii Terminators with Combi Plasma *DONE*
- Cataphractii Terminator Chaos Lord *DONE*

- Steelheart's Champions *DONE*
- Garek's Reavers

- 2x Imperial Knights from Knight Renegade *1 DONE*

Dropfleet Commander
- UCM starter fleet *DONE*
- Scourge starter fleet *DONE*
- UCM Berlin *DONE*
- UCM Madrid *DONE*
- UCM Atlantis *DONE*
- 1x Jakarta *DONE*
- 1x San Francisco *DONE*
- 6x New Orleans *DONE*
- 10x Toulons *6 DONE*
- 4x Taipei *DONE*
- 2x Kievs *DONE*
- 1x San Francisco*DONE*

Dark Elves
- 20x Corsairs
- 30x Witch Elves
- 10x Doomfire Warlocks
- Master on Pegasus *DONE*
- 3x Bolt Throwers *2 DONE*
- Cold One Chariot
- Shades
- Harpies

- Inquisitor Coteaz *DONE*
- Inquisitor with Inferno Pistol
- Culexus Assassin *DONE*
- Imperial Bunker *DONE*
- 2x Servitors

Some of my recently finished pieces:

Chaos Cultists
[Image: 23vggm9.jpg]
I had loads of fun painting these guys. They've got loads of awesome details.  It's a shame they'll die like cattle on the table Sad

Chaos Space Marine Squad (or part of)
[Image: 2dt0t8n.jpg]
My first try at OSL with the airbrush.  I really liked how the plasma glow came out on these, and will certainly be using this technique in the future.

Chaos Rhinos
[Image: zjxy0k.jpg]
Had a go at using the Forge World weathering powders, and really pleased with how it came out.  Unfortunately, when I sprayed the varnish on the model, the Isopropyl alcohol used to bind the powder seems to have reacted with the varnish, and it came out a bit frosty Sad

Witch Elves
[Image: 35mk64n.jpg]
Really fun painting these ladies but took me ages. If I was to get a big unit of these with a cauldron I think it would take me ages to paint another 20 of these girls.  They rank up terribly as well!

I'm just finishing a unit of Dark Riders and an assassin, so hopefully pictures will follow next weekend.

Comments and criticism welcome Smile
Very nice, love the OSL.
Very nice work Alan.
Thanks for the kind words chaps.

Just finished 5x Dark Riders

[Image: vmqfz7.jpg]
All looks ace dude! Ive found a bit of watered down blue wash after airbrushing the plasma guns helps pick out a bit more detail Smile
Thanks Nick, that sounds like a good idea. I've got some blue wash so I might give it a try. It's quite an extreme effect and I get what you're saying, it sort of misses out the detail. Would you put it on all the white area, or just the plasma coils?

Also, just finished my bolt throwers and crew Smile

[Image: 2dietfr.jpg]
I put it over everything thats blue although i meant to say blue glaze instead of wash. The gw one is actually pretty decent!
Ahhh cool. I'll pick up some blue glaze next time I'm passing a GW store and give it a try.

Next up on the painting table this weekend will be my Vampire Count Crypt Horrors which are my count as Chaos Spawn Smile
Finished my "count as" Chaos spawn Smile Used plenty of Blood for the Blood God to make them messy too. I like to think they're freshly mutated, hence all of the blood covering the protrusions on their backs and bones they've stuck into themselves.

[Image: 2v1m05j.jpg]

I chose the Crypt Ghouls as to me they seem more like believable genetic mutations as they're still a bit humanoid. I'm not a fan of the actual spawn models, just horns and tentacles all over the place.

Next up this weekend....the Obliterators. I usually put Mark of Nurgle on them, so the question is, to Nurgle or not to Nurgle? Do I nurgle them up, or just keep them in the Iron Warriors colours?
Finished my Obliterators this morning. I went for the Iron Warriors theme for consistency in the end.....and yet more blood :p It's quite difficult to tell where the flesh ends and metal begins when you're painting them.

[Image: ta3nuc.jpg]

Will probably work on my Dark Elves Master this week and then the many Leman Russes I have to do.
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