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a new game
i really would like to make a new game and i would like to know where you can get cheap 15mm WW2 soldiers from or 10mm? was having a look at the air fix models and they look easy to paint and you can get tanks and planes which would make the game more interesting. i was thinking of i ruined city with people living in it and there are rival companies of soldiers in groups trying to take it over. you start if with a command squad leader +2 veterans then 3 other squads alpha 2chars 3 privates
bravo 1 char 3 privates and delta 1 char 3 privates.

now each squad will have squad traits which will be moral and how much they want to battle or how happy and sad they are so if they have a good battle don't get any models taken out adn kill things they will have a high moral next day bu if they have a bad day and lots of people get injured then they will have a - moral which will mean they won't move as far and will run away easier. there will be other squad traits which i will come up with.

then there will be character traits for veterans leaders and chars. they will be normal level tuffness initiative strength leader ship accuracy.
then there will be skills and equiptment and better armour.

now the privates and just guys which make up numbers and don't get XP like other as they will be moved to other places in the world to fight and replaced by others these will be the cheapest to buy and are no the best troops with just under average stats. they can by nore characters which will get more xp and get stronger bu they start at private but you can buy them better. then you can buy tanks and plains who have to have drivers. there will have things called crew groups and as they get betterteamwork they operate the tank better and can swap tanks by selling one tank and buying them another. if the tank blows up you have to pay a little to repair it which will come ut of your comapny wage at the end of the battle. if te tank blows up they attempt to jump out just before and if they get out the have psitols. this is how far i have got and haven't thought of how they die and prices and weapons and even how you play the game on the field bu this is a little idea.

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Well Ivor air fix ones
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