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Tuesday 30th Orktober 2018
As usual, Windmill Community Centre from 6.45pm till 11.00pm.

Please post in this thread to arrange games and offer tutorials, and I'll summarise here. As ever this is all just provisional and subject to further arrangements being made on the night, but helps give us a an idea of how many tables of a given size are required whilst minimising the chances of someone being left without a game!

If you need to cancel a game at the last minute then please try to get in touch with your opponent directly to let them know.

Provisional Games:
  • Various Halloween-themed board games
  • Kill Team Campaign
  • Paul & Chris (Wyvern) - SAGA

Games Sought:
Figures painted in 2016: 4 Blush
"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."
Paul - SAGA v Chris from Wyvern Club...
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
As JJ suggested with it being Halloween eve, I'll be bringing along some appropriately themed board games. Should be able to accommodate a fair few people with multiple games going on
WARHAMMER: warriors of chaos
WARMACHINE: Khador, mercenaries (magnus' agenda) HORDES: Skorne
Dystopian wars : Covenant of Antarctica
SAGA Scots
BOLT ACTION 51st highlander division (in progress)

Available to teach Infinity or warmachine
Sounds good to me
Flames of War- Irish Guards    Bloodbowl- Orcs, Humans
Cutlass- Teddy Bear Pirates     Warhammer- Bretonnia, Ogres
6mm WW2- XXX Corps            28mm WW2- Rules of Engagement, Bolt Action, Chain of Command
28mm Zulu War- Still painting !!  SAGA Normans, Saracens
Bolt Action - German and British Infantry
Malifaux - Gremlins
Guildball - Butchers,Hunters, Farmers

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