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The 9th Age
Hey all,

I just wanted to share this as a place for people wanting to return to the rank o file infantry world of Warhammer Fantasy and were a little unsure of where to begin after GW killed off the franchise.

Since I returned to the hobby in May I have played a few games of Warhammers Armies Project 9th ed. and The Ninth Age (T9A).

I have enjoyed my games and having tried these versions I have found T9A to be the most balanced and most popular rendition of the Warhammer Fantasy game I used to play. It's been great to be able to dust of
my old units of goblins and get some good old fashioned carnage on the go and I'll provide some links below should any of you guys want to join in some games.

I wanted to mention this now as the T9A is about to its Beta rules set into a Golden rules set and rule freeze (possibly for 2 years) which means it is more of an accessible time to learn the game and there won't be any changes in the foreseeable future.

The 9th Age rules and army books:

The armies all have different names to GW for copyright reasons but after a couple of minutes probing the armies books, you'll be able to find the corresponding army book quite quickly. e.g. Vampire Counts - Vampire Covenant. Most people currently play 4500pts off the Beta rules set.

Have a look and hopefully see you playing some ranks.
It was great fun playing the one game of 9th I've played with you phil. found it similar enough to 8th ed that it was easy to pick up but it was also different in new and interesting ways. Defiantly up for playing some more, if/when I can fit in some games Smile
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