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For Sale Individual Guild Ball Models
After buying the Exiles box set and taking out the figures I wanted, I now have some models I don't need.
These are

Veteran Honour  Farmers Guild
Veteran Decimate  Brewers Guild
Veteran Hemlocke  Morticians Guild
Harriet the Hat  Engineers Guild

I also have a spare Meathook  Butchers Guild

Looking for £10 a model, unpainted, unassembled, with base and stat card.
Flames of War- Irish Guards Bloodbowl- Orcs, Humans
Cutlass- Teddy Bear Pirates Warhammer- Bretonnia
6mm WW2- XXX Corps 28mm WW2- Rules of Engagement, Bolt Action, Chain of Command
28mm Zulu War- Still painting !! SAGA Normans, Saracens
Bolt Action - German and British Infantry
Malifaux - Gremlins
Guildball - Butchers

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