Poll: Would you order a pack of 10 club dice?
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7 63.64%
1 9.09%
Maybe, if they were cheaper
3 27.27%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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Club Dice
I prefer Red War Soc too, but not too fussed
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This still rolling in the background?
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(15-04-2018, 05:08 PM)Russell Wrote: This still rolling in the background?

Yep. Still waiting for the third company to provide a price before I put the proposals forward.
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Element Games referral code JAS173.
Will I be able to win with them? I like the Red war soc dice, red logo on a black die. If enough was ordered could you repackage them so for ordering 10 dice you got 9 red war soc and 1 red war six?
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